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With GL2Cloud Dedicated Server we offer our clients the ability to subscribe to a hosting service that best suits their needs. We provide the server equipment along with a range of management and administration services. The flexibility of GL2Cloud Dedicated Hosting Service gives you complete control over the server environment and provides you with maximum usage of the hardware, its software and security systems, processor speed and bandwidth capacity.

Our GL2Cloud team of network and hosting professionals are available to perform maintenance on the dedicated server, including operating system and installed applications updates, monitoring of the server and applications, firewall maintenance, intrusion detection, data backups, disaster recovery, and a number of other maintenance services. At GL2Cloud we employ strict security measures to safeguard your data and comply with all security policies and audit guidelines.

GL2Cloud customers pay either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee to use a dedicated server, which will save money over hosting, maintaining, and managing their own servers on-site.

In addition to our Dedicated Hosting Service, GL2Cloud offers an optional ‘Managed Hosting Plan’ whereby our customers maintain full monitoring and control over the server, while we take on the day to day tasks of performing

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server maintenance, software installation, security auditing, intrusion detection, server backups, and applications updates.

The GL2Cloud Managed Hosting Plan can offer real value to those customers with limited technical resources on staff, while our Dedicated Hosting Service is more suitable for web developers and system admin professionals who want their server configured in a certain manner.

Trust GL2Cloud with your Dedicated Hosting and Managed needs. Our experienced team of network and hosting professionals are available to support you as required.